Saturday, December 13, 2008

live from new york

right now, i'm hooked on this book called live from new york--an oral history of saturday night live. i've been plowing through it, i'm at 250 pages in 3-4 days! it's a quick, fun reading, full of humorous anecdotes and a spot on description of the raw energy that makes theater so fulfilling.

anyway, it has left me enthralled with gilda radner, whom i accidently read about when i was 8 or 9. the book was lying around the house and it was pink and it was called bunny bunny, so i picked it up (and i was a voracious little reader), plowed through it, and had no clue as to what i was reading. a few days ago, as a memorable anecdote came up in the snl book that was also of significance in bunny, bunny, i was finally able to put two and two together. the book has also reminded me that when i was in acting school as a little girl, my teacher would always have me to a piece called "the judy miller show" as part of the end-of-semester show. it was my thing. and now, i've come to realize that it's a famous gilda radner piece! watch this, it's a riot:

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