Friday, February 15, 2008

website mania

from the great books have been written

looks like everyone i know has gotten the website bug lately...

danny weiss has launched a frequently updated photo site called the great books have been written...

and andrew, whose the wind, the wind is blowing site has already been checked by all of you, i'm sure, has also launched a little business venture.

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Omar Romero said...

While this is unrelated to the actual post, I just want to tell you how much I love reading your posts. I have to say along with Wood S Lot and this blog, I have been opened to way more art that I never would have thought I'd look into. I feel like I should have gotten interested in all of this way earlier. I'm a senior in high school now and hopefully all of this will translate into something I want to make a career out of because I have been so lost. Anyways, this is probably getting incredibly dull. Thanks for feeding my hunger for all of this. I hope this does not come across as entirely creepy but anyways thanks.
Be safe

-Omar Romero
Mission Viejo, Ca