Friday, February 22, 2008

the title image


you know that lovely girl in the photo above? the one staring out the window of a train headed to berlin? that's my friend. and this is her blog-thing.

this is another image from that same train ride:


we were in a fancy dining car really early one morning on our way to berlin. we all ordered eggs, it was amazing. except for the slight miscommunication that left jessica with a plate of hard-boiled eggs. it was to be the coldest weekend i have ever experienced. to this day, i have yet to be as cold as i was that weekend in berlin. aside from the cold, ahead of us was an adventurous, albeit brief weekend, including a debacle checking in to our hostel, a visit to a russian restaurant named pasternak where i fell unfortunately ill, and a lucky spotting of julie delpy at the premiere of her adorable film 2 days in paris at the berlinale.

excuse me while i take a dip in my own nostalgia...

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Michael Darby said...

Beautiful photos! Must be a Czech train, right? I loved those dining cars!