Sunday, December 9, 2007

tête à tête

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i stumbled upon martine fougeron's tête à tête series, which she describes as "intimate portraits of two adolescent sons", via conscientious.

i can't help liking these images, even if i don't absolutely love them or find them infinitely interesting. they remind me of noah baumbach's style--his preoccupation with a new york upbringing and the hyper-maturation of these youths. (read the ny times on margot at the wedding--i felt the same way about this film as i do these images, i can't help enjoying the performances and being drawn to the characters, but the story doesn't achieve great heights.)

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i also love this image--the delicacy of the face, innocent and feminine, framed in water.

there are few others worth looking at.

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Grinda said...

A very nice discovery indeed! Some of her portraits are of great sensiblity. It's a pity that I missed her exhibition at Paris Photo.