Monday, December 31, 2007

best of this and that

now that we're rapidly approaching the start of a new year, everyone seems to be compiling lists of what they liked best about 2007. a google search for "best of 2007" yielded results ranging from best websites of the year to best blogs of the year. i also stumbled upon a wonderful collection of the lists over at the list-loving website fimoculous. here are some best of lists i enjoyed:

frank bruni's 10 best new [NY] restaurants:
1. momofuku ssam bar
2. soto
3. anthos
4. insieme
5. park avenue winter/spring/summer/autumn
6. resto
7. 15 east
8. allen & delancey
9. pamplona
10. mai house

rex sorgatz's best blogs of 2007 that you (maybe) aren't reading

1. twitter and tumblr
2. ill doctrine
3. vulture--[one of my personal favorites, this is what he writes: New York Magazine is a perplexing contradiction. It is probably the best magazine on the newsstand right now (Wired is the only competition), but it also has an editorial voice that is occasionally annoying in its sense of privilege and entitlement. On its worst days, I call this attitude "Aggressively SoHo" -- as in, it surpassed believing that NYC is the center of the world by declaring the epicenter somewhere south of 14th St. and north of Chambers St. When my bestest friend Melissa (disclaimer!) said she was co-launching this blog (she has since moved onto Rolling Stone), I was worried that this voice would ring through on its cultural coverage. But the opposite has happened -- Vulture has kept the best parts of New York Mag (the nuance, the design, the clever), while leaving the Aggressive SoHo Tude at the door.]
4. smashing telly
5. jezebel
6. snowclones
7. frolix-8: philip k. dick
8. emo+beer=busted career
9. the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks
10. a brief message
(this list actually continues on, reaching about 30 blogs, all of which i could not post here, so i leave that up to your questionable curiosity.)

slate's best movies of 2007
1. 4 months, 3 weeks, and 2 days
2. the diving bell and the butterfly
3. the host
4. killer of sheep
5. persepolis
6. ratatouille
7. there will be blood

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