Saturday, August 11, 2007

louise brooks vs.

just saw this beautiful photo of louise brooks over on the sartorialist:

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he asks who would pit versus louise brooks. i say clara bow.


mini said...

i saw this as well and instantaneously fell in love.
ms. bow will always remain first in my heart though.
lillian gish is a close third.

Tim d'Chicago said...

You might also consider Marlene Dietrich.
I met Lillian Gish c. 1980 at a showing of Broken Blossoms. But as a young woman, she was in a whole other class of beauty than Bow or Brooks.
I love your dining car photo. See you at the last seating.

Michael said...

Colleen Moore had the same flapper spark that Louise Brooks had. I believe Colleen was the first to sport the bob hairstyle.