Tuesday, August 28, 2007

easy riders

On my birthday, I finally made it over to Yancey Richardson in Chelsea where the current group show, "Easy Rider: Road Trips Through America", is in its final 2 weeks. Here are some personal favorites from the show:

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Lee Friedlander, Haverstraw, NY, 1966.

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Todd Hido , #2424B, 1999.

and my boyfriend's favorite, which must be seen in person since this tiny image doesn't do it justice:

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Joel Sternfeld, The Eagles Kayenta Junior High School at Football Practice, Kayenta, Arizona, Najavo Nation, August, 1986/ 2003.

The show ends September 8th. Check out the press release for more information.

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Michael Duong said...


That Todd Hido image is splendid and I'm glad that you think so too. That particular photo was the segue for a very French and goofy woman to ask me what I thought of it when I visited the exhibit last month. I said it was lovely. The two of us soon promptly left (to not make out in the elevator, sadly) but to proceed to run around to the other openings - drink wine and mock the fancy fancies when we could not pretend that we were such. I do not know where she has gone to now, though I think she may also share an August birth with yourself, and I am afraid I may have missed her celebratory proceedings.

I hope Nina's artist talk was interesting earlier tonight. I am very sad that I could not have been there to soak in her sexy, serious photojournalism-ness self.

I miss you and New York.
Be happy!