Friday, February 12, 2010

Sent Home

I was just sent home from work for not wearing the right shoes. Why, you ask? Let me recap for you.

I'm standing behind the bar, greeting the bartenders, getting organized, lighting candles, etc... Suddenly, the frenetic maitre d runs up to me like a psychopath, grabs my wrists, and says, "I need you to wear different shoes!"
I look at her calmly and said, "OK, I don't have other shoes now. I just told the manager. I can bring new ones tomorrow."
She stutters, then says, "And your hair..."
OK. Bring it.
She stares at my hair and starts inspecting my pony tail with her hand, as if she could magically fix it.
"What's wrong with my hair?" Straight-faced. Not amused. Business.
"Nothing!" she said. "Nothing is wrong with your hair. Ha ha. It's just that...the chef is just so particular. Can you...just...just put it in a bun."
"Ok." I put it in a bun in front of her.
She laughs. "Great!" She walks away and before she leaves, she turns back and gives me a wink and a double thumbs up, at the same time. It was retarded.
I turn around and everyone is looking at me.

Five minutes later, I'm looking over the wine list, memorizing this and that.
A manager comes up to me, says "Can I speak to you privately?"
She pulls me aside, to the middle of the service floor. "The owner is going to flip if all the waitresses aren't wearing high heels tonight."
"Do you have any sort of...other shoes with you?"
"No." I don't carry a pair of heels around in my bag for shits and giggles.
"Can you maybe go buy some now?"
"Now? Really? Where?"
"Hmm...well, we're all the way on the west side, so how about Times Square?"
"How about Macy's?"
"Are you serious? I have black heels at home."
"OK, well I'd really like you to be here tonight. But, I don't want to make you feel cornered."
"I feel cornered, you're asking me to leave and go buy new shoes and come back. To work."
"OK, well I can give you some money..."
"I have other shoes at home."
"OK, well how about you come back tomorrow with new shoes?"
"Thank you so much."
I turn around to get my belongings. It wouldn't have been so humiliating if I didn't turn around to see 2 bartenders, 2 cocktail servers, 5 hosts, 6 waiters, 4 busboys, and 3 other directors looking at me. Yup.

Mind you, I sent the same manager an e-mail exactly a week ago saying the following:

Hi Blablabla,

Hope you're somewhat well-rested today despite your early morning. Last night went well, was getting to know the ropes.

Blablablalbalbalbalblablablablablala, and also, is there a certain shoe I need to buy? Blablabla was saying something about a mary jane with a heel... If you have a name/model, specific style, or photo, I'll go out and get them!
To no response.

Now I have a Friday night ahead of me and a bottle of tequila. I'm going to the gym to blow of steam.

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Rebecca said...

This sounds very frustrating. I´m glad you didn´t go to Macy´s to buy shoes though. And I´m glad you went to the gym then hydrated with tequila. Miss you so!