Tuesday, April 8, 2008

ian baguskas/ryan mcginley

on one of the warmer afternoons last week, i ventured south of houston to view two photo shows i was eager to see: ian baguskas's show sweet water at jen bekman, and ryan mcginley's show i know where the summer goes at team gallery.

i found out about ian while working at jB and he quickly became one of my favorite artists associated with the gallery. i recently purchased one of his prints off the jb spin-off site 20x200. seeing his prints in person was lovely--the large prints do great justice to the expansive skies and delectable colors he captures on film. here are some of my favorites:

Rincon Artificial Island and Pipeline, Ventura, California, 2007

Trees, Silver Saddle Resort, California City, California, 2007

Two Structures, Death Valley, California, 2007

i remember stumbling upon a ryan mcginley photograph in an expensive magazine sometime in junior year of high school. i was avidly tearing out images that i found in print and pasting them all over my notebooks back then, and his proved to dominate my collection of torn images. this was around the same time i began to like juergen teller's work i think. the mcginley show was simple, sweet, and naughty at the same time. nude girls dancing amid fireworks, naked boys flailing through roadside fields--all in good fun. the images remind me of summer, but not summer per se--summer in the sense of the idleness associated with those few, hot months, when there's nothing of importance to be done and the bulk of one's days are spent languorously lazing around with friends. as for the people he depicts, they remind me of overgrown children--playful, innocent, naked. here are a few of my favorite images from the show:

Coley (Injured)

sweet water @ jen bekman thru april 26th [6 spring street, nyc]
i know where the summer goes @ team gallery thru may 3rd [83 grand street, nyc]

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