Wednesday, April 9, 2008

another "clean house"

8. ana and charles try to read one another's mind

charles: eight.
ana: no, seven. you were very close.
c: i'll go again.
a: okay.
c: four.
a: yes!
c: i knew it! i could see four apples. now: colors/
a: okay.
c: i'll start.
a: red.
c: no.
a: blue.
c: no.
a: i give up.
c: purple. we have to concentrate harder. like this. ready? you go.
a: i'm tired.
c: sorry. i'll stop.
a: why all these guessing games?
c: you know houdini?
a: the magician?
c: yes. houdini and his wife practiced reading each other's minds. so that--if one of them died--they'd be able to talk to each other--you know, after.

- from the clean house by sarah ruhl

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