Thursday, March 13, 2008


jack kerouac by john cohen

today, during my long stroll down fifth avenue, i stumbled upon the kerouac exhibit, beatific soul at the beautiful new york public library. realizing that i had nowhere urgent to be, i let myself wander up the stairs and through the doors of what was to be a very extensive, detailed exhibition on the life of jack kerouac. i later found out, thanks to the trusty times, that the exhibit opened in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the publication of on the road. it also just came to my attention that it is to close this weekend on march 16th. how lucky i was!

if you can clear your schedule to visit the library, please do. bring your reading glasses--there is a lot of exciting information to devour, along with great photographs taken within kerouac's circle of friends.

my favorite quote from an early journal of jack's:

to be in a state of beatitude, like st. francis, trying to love all life, trying to be utterly sincere with everyone, practicing endurance, kindness, cultivating joy of heart.