Tuesday, January 15, 2008

fear lulls our minds to sleep


have you seen this film yet?

persepolis was a surprising breath of fresh air at the movies. i went on a whim this past saturday afternoon when i happened to be strolling along 6th avenue, deciding whether to head home or not. i went to the film on the condition that it was playing in the next 20 minutes at the angelika and it was. i thoroughly enjoyed watching the film, especially since i had no preconceived notions regarding what to expect. this was the perfect blend of politics and comedy, set within a traditional bildungsroman story. funny to think that a small, french animation film about the politics of the middle east rings louder and clearer than all those hollywood flops which graced american film screens this past fall (i.e. lions for lambs, in the valley of elah, etc...) also, i'm assuming it just may pick up the academy award for best foreign film.

see it, you will enjoy yourselves.

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Anonymous said...

I loved it too!!! I thoguht that the way the story was told and the way the main character evolved was beautiful. There was enough charm and wit in it to make the spectator enjoy such a sad story, and the addition of the grandmother was just refreshing and I don't think it would have been the same withou it. Nostalgic, charming, witty, REAL...