Wednesday, October 6, 2010


The SAD side of the coin:

After several months of lackadaisical blogging on my party for thefifthdayofmay, I've decided to put a firm hold on my commitment here.

Despite it being a small outlet for my thoughts with a small, but generously loving audience, I am finding myself over-committed in all of my endeavors and struggling to post here. To top it off, I am harboring personal guilt for not writing here. Between the cafe project in L.A., personal assisting in NY, scene study class & my acting career, Meryl & Marina, I am already struggling to carve out room for other pleasures - theater, cooking, adventures, movies, reading. It's a catch 22--when I'm not out experiencing the world, I have little to write about, and when I am, I have no time to write about it. So, for now--a hold. I'm largely sad to give up maintaining this online history of my endeavors over the last three and a half years. I think I'm going to still keep it up, so I can refresh my memory as often as I want.

the BRIGHT side of the coin:

I'm going to be blogging regularly at It's going to be much easier for me to focus my energy into one project. The content will not change - I promise to post just as many old family photos, cooking demos, and nonsense. At least until Meryl learns to post and forcibly stops me. It's going to be a good thing. I'll be blogging way more than I am now. I hope we're all OK with this. I hope that I'm OK with this.

I'll occasionally guest blog at, so check it out.

And maybe, just maybe, I'll do some secret sneak attacks here. I just can't stay good-bye.

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