Monday, July 19, 2010


the cafe in Mile End, one of the 5 pictures I took over the weekend

I've just returned from Montreal where I accompanied my boyfriend and friends to the prestigious Just For Laughs comedy festival where they had been invited to perform in a sketch show hosted by Michael Ian Black. The trip was very eventful and nonstop in energy. We stayed out until 5am each night, drinking for free, dancing, shmoozing, and laughing.

Some highlights:
+trying Poutine
+visiting sweet coffee shops and vintage store in Mile End, Montreal's answer to Bushwick
+playing with Maggie in the swimming pool
+dancing insatiably at a semi-house party in a car wash
+dancing and drinking for free and rapping at a tremendous loft party
+dancing in the car on the way over to Canada
+invoking the phrase "just for laughs" whenever and wherever possible
+learning about my new obsession, Beardyman, at the most awesome midnight music show

check out this absurd jam session between 3 incredible and unusual musicians:

+the Tom Green show - surprisingly funny and enjoyable
+the Alternative Comedy show - nearly everyone was memorable. Never thought I'd like stand-up that much
+biking through Old Montreal and by the canal
+some kind of Caramel ice cream that will be forever unbeatable
+watching my sweet boyfriend and our even sweeter friends kick ass two nights in a row

Some lowlights:
+Losing my voice, completely and painfully
+Fighting with my American bank about urgently releasing at $250 authorization hold for a $5 bike rental
+Missing out on Au Pied du Cochon
+Not going swimming more often

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