Thursday, February 5, 2009


sometimes, if i'm momentarily out of reading material, i look to craigslist. that site is ridden with gems.

God's Gift to Songwriting Needs a Manager

I am Jimmy Lloyd. I am the greatest songwriter of my generation. I wrote the song and am the brains behind "Cop Bar" to begin with. (Google it). I am multi-faceted and know things about the human condition others can only dream about.

Go to to and listen to the songs there to hear for yourself. I am seeking a manager who can take me to where I need and deserve to be. If you are a hater, wannabe, or pissed off blogger, don't respond to this post cause no one cares. But if you are a serious promoter or manager, get in touch with me and let's see what you can do.

I warn you now, I am mobbed up, lawyered up and thug deep so if you are thinking about taking this post and saying something negative about it on your blog that only you and your social networking, video-game playing, online porn dwelling friends look at... don't do it. This is a serious inquiry and there may be reprecussions.

Go to or email for more info.


Casting for Photo Shoot

Seeking Female of Middle Eastern descent for photoshoot of East Meets West. Will be shooting throughout various landmarks in NYC showing the contrast between East and West and the merging of two cultures.

Please submit Headshot and Bodyshot.

This is for tears ONLY, not paid.


Well I don’t know about revolution....I’m a lover not a hater:)
I wanted to get your attention:)

If you want to be part of a super fun project it’s your day it’s your moment!
I’m filming a fashion show pilot THIS saturday
I am in need of:
camera people
lighting people
fashion people
make up artists
hair stylists
If you want to meet some interesting people and want to be part of a fun project.
This is the opportunity for u!
Pre reqs:
-available THIS Saturday or Sunday
-be talented
-a have cool quirky cutting edge look

so please tell me a little about yourself.
What inspires you... what’s in your ipod...your favorite artists designers
Please send me a myspace/faecebook profile or some pics

it’s not paid but there can be a deal worked out so it would benefit both of us!

good luck!


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