Sunday, June 29, 2008

como un errante

i am a tad drunk, having just returned from a busy night's work at bacaro, where i capped the night off with what they call a venetian manhattan.

i am also a tad obsessed with this one song that is always on the playlist while i'm there. unfortunately, i couldn't find a viable link to the song that i could post here, meaning this may become somewhat fruitless. unless, you have such faith in my inebriated and impassioned postings that you will go through itunes and purchase this beautiful song. it's called "como un errante", performed by freddy fender, an influential tex-mexican musician.

please, please download the song. it reminds me of a 1950s school dance on a hot and humid evening, where girls and boys are too tired to socialize, so they just sway back and forth resting their weight on each other. it's an impeccable song. it also reminds me of cry-baby, which is a huge plus, since i am hopelessly addicted to that movie.

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