Tuesday, September 11, 2007

school days

so i've been neglecting the blog for about 2 weeks now. that's because i just started my final semester in school and have been busier than usual. part of why i haven't been posting is because my new schedule that forces me to be up by 9:30 most mornings, has also radically changed my sleeping schedule, meaning i toss and turn all night, anxious of missing my alarm, and consequently find myself dozing off by or before midnight on most evenings. anyway, my classes are really cool. this is what i'm taking:

stonestreet studios professional training workshop in film and television acting

theatrical genres: staging the "other scene" freud, lacan, and the psychoanalysis of performance"

the literature of journalism: the best of the best

so, now you know what i'm keeping busy with when i'm not blogging.

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